Android pick platform bug?

I started a new game and when asked if i would like to keep the hints, i clicked yes. Now when i go to choose a platform, at the bottom of each one, where it would normally tell you what kind of game works best, it’s just a row of action game icons that fill the entire row. Now no matter what i do, i cant fix this. Cleared game data and cache. Even uninstalled but save data remained. I’m not rooted so i cant go deeper yet. Any hope of a fix?

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I got it to delete save data, but all it removed was the game saves. The hints data is still broken.


After clearing all data again, went to airplane mode, tried to open the game, it failed. Turned data back on it wanted to sign into Google, i stopped that. It forced me into a new game. After i loaded into the new game my problem was fixed.

I hope this helps someone. :yum:

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Apologies for the late reply. May I ask what device and OS version you have?