Android cheats?


Anyone know how we can do cheat for android version?


Please, it would make a LITTLE sense if you’d ask how to cheat on a cheats forum, not the official forum…


This game isn’t online. I don’t understand what’s the problem? I just wanna unlock all categories like a moded pc version.


The PC version allows for save file editing ( not recommended )
Likely it would be possible for Android, by experienced users. Again not recommended.

Since Android version doesn’t have any mods ( yet? ), I think you will have do without unlocking all topics for now :wink:


I do not see why this player doesn’t want to spend little time on grinding these categories.

I mean come on, its not like Dark Souls.


please use a root android and sb game hacker 2.0.1

hack fans and you will hac=ve all things you can allso hack technology,etc


Given the popularity of the Cheat mod on PC, there’s a good case to be made that this should be available on mobile in some form. No promises but we’ll discuss it.


Or u can use game guardian…its better than sb game hacker.
Set the value type to Dword and u can hack Design and Tech.
I tried hacking research points and hype as well…but couldn’t do so.(even when I set the value type to Auto).
Auto will take forever to scan the values…dword is way quicker.


I also use game guardian but in it like you can search for 240 or 36454 and when you get value you cannot increse it by 240 or 36454 but in sb game hacker you can!


U can just set the values to 999999


if you know how or where to locate your save files (normally, it’s under /Android/data/com.greenheartgames.gdt/files/ for androids, sry ios), you can edit them. Depending on the slot you want to edit, choose the file local_slot_(slot number).txt eg. local_slot_1.txt. You can pretty much edit everything there but if you just want the topics unlocked, open local_slot_1.txt, find “trashedGames” then there will be “topics” next or near to it, change the values of “topics” to:

{“id”:“Abstract”},{“id”:“Airplane”},{“id”:“Aliens”},{“id”:“Alternate History”},{“id”:“Assassin”},{“id”:“Business”},{“id”:“City”},{“id”:“Colonization”},{“id”:“Comedy”},{“id”:“Construction”},{“id”:“Cooking”},{“id”:“Crime”},{“id”:“Cyberpunk”},{“id”:“Dance”},{“id”:“Detective”},{“id”:“Disasters”},{“id”:“Dungeon”},{“id”:“Dystopian”},{“id”:“Evolution”},{“id”:“Expedition”},{“id”:“Extreme Sports”},{“id”:“Fantasy”},{“id”:“Farming”},{“id”:“Fashion”},{“id”:“Game Dev”},{“id”:“Government”},{“id”:“Hacking”},{“id”:“History”},{“id”:“Horror”},{“id”:“Hospital”},{“id”:“Hunting”},{“id”:“Law”},{“id”:“Life”},{“id”:“Mad Science”},{“id”:“Martial Arts”},{“id”:“Medieval”},{“id”:“Military”},{“id”:“Movies”},{“id”:“Music”},{“id”:“Mystery”},{“id”:“Mythology”},{“id”:“Ninja”},{“id”:“Pirate”},{“id”:“Post Apocalyptic”},{“id”:“Prison”},{“id”:“Racing”},{“id”:“Rythm”},{“id”:“Romance”},{“id”:“School”},{“id”:“Sci-Fi”},{“id”:“Space”},{“id”:“Sports”},{“id”:“Spy”},{“id”:“Superheroes”},{“id”:“Surgery”},{“id”:“Technology”},{“id”:“Thief”},{“id”:“Time Travel”},{“id”:“Transport”},{“id”:“UFO”},{“id”:“Vampire”},{“id”:“Virtual Pet”},{“id”:“Vocabulary”},{“id”:“Werewolf”},{“id”:“Wild West”},{“id”:“Zombies”}

sorry if i can’t explain it well.

PS: {“id”:“Rythm”} is what actually the game accepts. If you change it to {“id”:“Rhythm”}, the game will change it to {“id”:null} thus making the topic Rhythm unresearched.