Android cheats?


or it could be loading a different save file, cloud maybe?


You could also make the game harder by changing the values of “lvl1BankcruptWarning”, “lvl2BankcruptWarning” and “lvl3BankcruptWarning” to “true” for new games if pirate mode doesn’t do the trick.

Edit: Not true, changing “bailoutPaybackTime” value to 0.0 and “bailoutOffered” to true will do the job instead.


I thought these Level Warnings were to warn players about them being in debt.


Seems like i this point it eould be easy just to play the right way.


Use game guardian,and you must search with double,or search the address B95FB938 and C30D8E58 that for change value of cash.


I doubt anyone is going to root their phone for game guardian.


To the people complaining about “playing right” or saying “just play legit”. It’s a single player game, it’s not gonna hurt you in anyway. People play games differently. Some people don’t like the grind so they cheat a bit. Who complains about somebody cheating inside a single player game with no competivness between players ? Silly world we live in. Anyways you can use Gamegaurdian or just edit the save. I only mod money.