An error pops up on my screen everytime i launch GDT


This might also be the cause why mods arent working.
here is the error text:
Could not load mod one of the scripts
is missing or invalid!
i think some of the text is cut off.
I deleted every mod UltimateLib and the gdt mod api.
some people have had a similar problem and they were able to fix the bug
but i tried many things and it still popped up and mods never appeared in-game. :tired_face:


Follow these steps:

  1. Open Steam
  2. Go to your Steam library
  3. Right-click on Game Dev Tycoon
  4. Then click “Properties”
  5. In the above tabs of the properties window, click on “Local Files”
  6. Click on “Verify integrity of game files…”
  7. Reply to me with the results


I think they’re is a problem with you GDT Mod API, either it doesn’t exist or some of the files are missing.

Go to this link
Download the API
Install the mod like any other mod, replacing any files if asked.

Then try running GDT.


What I said should fix that. It basically makes sure the game files are what they should be.


I know but thats another program fixing another program. I prefer manual fixing.