A question about percentage


I get a percentage indicator if i pick too much stuff on example Level design (check picture)


What does this mean?


Bump, developer please answer :cry:


I am stumped on this one as well


I’m sorry but right now there is no developer available. I am sure they will be back soon and help you out.


I’m no Dev, but I’ll answer anyways :smile:
That’s the effectivity the game in the end receives from ‘Level Design’.
You end up seeing this effectivity because you’ll spent to less time to be able implementing all the additional program parts (Level Editor, Minigames …) at full scale.
If you either move the slider for ‘Dialogue’ a tiny bit slower, ‘Level Design’ a tiny bit higher or cut for instance ‘Mini Games’ the effectivity will vanish meaning you’ll receive full ‘Level Design’.

A rough rule of thump is:
Everything below 100% (not showing) is a waste.


The percentage shows how effective the extra features you added in the sidebar will be. If you have a ton of AI features, but no AI design points it is going to be very ineffective.

Effect of percentages on the right during game dev? (Example: World Design at 90%)
The wiki is a bit confusing, particularly when it comes to sliders

So if I have World Design at 80%, but I’ve got an item below it worth 40, that’s actually still a good thing, right?


80% + 40% means your final game will only reach 60% of it’s potential during that phase of development. In some games, this might not have much impact, but for most this WILL affect your final ratings.


Is that a sure-thing “this is how the engine works on the back-end” response, or a guess? By that response, it seems like I’m far better off turning off the engine component worth 40 points and getting World Design to 100%.


If you were making an F1 Racing sim, then you could probably ignore most of the World Design stuff… Level Design and Graphics are where it’s at in that type of game. OTOH, an Open World Fantasy RPG (Pokemon perhaps?) can skimp on Engine features and Graphics, since the emphasis is going to be on the World Design and the Story.

Thus knowing what to concentrate your efforts on is part of the planning for which game you’re making.


Could someone authoritatively address the core question about percentages?


We have. The answer is that the importance of the various segments of development varies from game to game. In an ideal scenario you’d be putting 100% of focus into each area, but sometimes you can’t. In those cases, you need to examine what kind of game you’re trying to make and adjust your sliders and which game features you’re using in order to decide what to concentrate on.

Whilst you can look at the game code and read off some hard numbers, they won’t help you decide what exactly is best for your game.


I didn’t see anything that showed me you were a dev. I see that my question may be too nebulous for a direct answer. I’ve started a new game. Once I progress to the level where I have to trade off between % in category versus disabling engine components, I’ll paste a more concrete question. Please leave this topic open.


Okay. This seems to demonstrate where the problem just begins to happen.

ENGINE: 0% slider, 67% complete
GAMEPLAY: 50% slider, 95% complete
STORY/QUEST: 100% slider, 100% complete

The assumption I’m making is that I should generally target my 0%/50%/100% ratio on my sliders.

Which is better: Cutting an engine component (Savegame) and getting my engine to 100%, or leaving Savegame and Multiplayer in and leaving my engine at 67%?

Gameplay has another choice: Do I raise my gameplay slider past 50% to reach 100% complete, or is leaving it at 95% complete better, or is removing a component (gamepad or mouse) going to be better? (Which also raises the question of gamepad on a PC or mouse on a gameling).

So there are some very specific questions. My more general question was “How bad is it for something like the engine to be at 67%? Is it important to cut components to reach 100%?”


Correct, the simplest and most obvious solution would be to raise the Gameplay slider a small amount, and the Engine slider a large amount… You should easily be able to reach 100% effectiveness through those actions alone.

That said, your component options ought to reflect both the game you’re making and the platform you’re making the game for. I can’t think of a scenario where a Pirate/Adventure game might want a Joystick, especially when you have a Gamepad. Joysticks work best in Flight and Space sims. Also, consider the era you’re currently in… Gamepad support for PC games is a fairly recent phenomena, and whilst it can pay to be progressive, that MAY (or may not, you’ll have to experiment to be sure) hurt sales in the early parts of the game.

Finally, whilst I am not one of the Devs, I have played the game through to the end multiple times, and have read most of the comment from other players and the Devs on these forums.


I have read all comments but I still don’t quite understand how the percentages work… Can someone simplify?

I am in year 40 or so with over 500 million dollars and have never paid attention to the percentages I always just included everything. And got good ratings. (even a 10/10). And I would often have line Engine 17% etc.

Now I tried what you guys say, I remove some features to get 100% or close to 100% instead of very low percent but suddenly my games only get 5/10 ratings etc. I still don’t get what exactly the percentages mean? Can someone simplify? Should I purposely REMOVE features or just include everything? Because including everything somehow gives me better games? I don’t get it.

Thanks in advance.


That’s what am wondering, peoples response seems to be “But your racing game doesn’t need a mouse” but if it gives it a bonus in rating then why the hell not? Though really they’re in the same boat as us & don’t really know, and just assume it plays a logical role because games are always playing the logical card right.
I hope they give the game a little more explanation, some tool tips or something beside each researchable feature & addition during the development phase.

I like to know things, click stuff blindly for “blind luck” is frustrating when i don’t know what’s going on & what i did wrong.


So I’ve put the percentage issue (and component issue) out there in more detail. It would be very nice for a dev to respond. Hearing from other players is great, but really, nobody seems to know, and an authoritative answer would be welcome. More so that I can’t find a single place in the game where the percentage (not the slider percentage but the selected feature category percentage) is explained as far as meaning and impact.


Any update on this?


I got to this issue tonight, and I’ve seen it before but they were easy fixes… This time I got my 3D V4 Graphics and it’s like that’s ALL I can have, even on a graphics intensive game I’ve taken out a lot of the other extras out that aren’t needed for the game, yet I still am getting poor percentages when using 3d v4 graphics in other areas. what about games that rely heavy on graphics and quite significantly on World Design… it’s like you can only have one or the other, and without both the game’s ratings suffer. I was doing well until I got to this point.