A question about percentage


Can a DEV please answer?
It only needs to be a simple answer


Your character is not high enough skill to do it all the selected features. Remove some features or reduce the other sliders.


This is an official response;

Everything @EvoGamer has written is true (Re the Slider vs Time Division Mechanic). Here are some helpful highlights;

  • 80% + 40% means your final game will only reach 60% of it’s potential during that phase of development. In some games, this might not have much impact, but for most this WILL affect your final ratings.

  • Thus knowing what to concentrate your efforts on is part of the planning for which game you’re making.

  • In an ideal scenario you’d be putting 100% of focus into each area, but sometimes you can’t. In
    those cases, you need to examine what kind of game you’re trying to make and adjust your sliders and which game features you’re using in order to decide what to concentrate on.

In Summary;
It shows how effective those items are going to be in improving your game ratings.

If you try to add 20 features, and you only have time to add 10, then you’ll get 50% on that category…so you can either allocate more time, or cut down on features, and that’s what the sliders are doing, allocating time.


50% of what? 50% of the features bonus? 50% of the design/tech points for the whole of that category?

Also, I’ve found that employee skill has nothing to do with it, and the only way to make a game with additional features is to go to the next size up. IE, if it won’t fit into a medium game, maybe it will in a large game. This effectively limits the graphics LEVEL you can put in a medium game that focuses on world design or sound, etc. IE, you need an engine capable of scaling back the graphics in order to not get a big graphics penalty on the higher end graphics, but perhaps it doesn’t matter much.


50% of the features bonus.
If adding Surround Sound would normally add 100 design and 100 tech points to you game, but it will then only get 50 each.

You are correct about employees do not affect the amount of features you will be able to fit into a game.
Game size does matter :smile:


Do things add different amount of points to different topic/genre combinations? There’s so much hidden info, I’m having fun trying to figure it all out. Like, I add ‘better user experience’ to pretty much everything because what user doesn’t want a better experience?


For calculating the amount T/D points will be added to the game it does not matter if its “Better User Experience” or “Achievement”, because the costs are the same.

But for example “Skill Trees” costs a lot more and thus will add more T/D points.


So, in easier terms, you shell out the same money but get limited benefit from doing so, usually in a category that you’re not willing to spend a lot of time on.

So it MAY be more beneficial to have a 100% Graphics V3 than a 50% Graphics V4 in my game (or whatever). But if I have the option of cutting an option out of many, most likely it will be better to cut a single option to get the entire thing up to 100% because then all the other bonuses work at full effectiveness.

This makes sense. I like that tech has a big impact on the games. I like that small games can’t have perfect graphics and sounds and world design, too. It makes sense that you’d have to skimp somewhere.


Why would you even put any features in a category a certain game doesn’t need?
And indeed it could be more beneficial to keep using 3Dv3 when for example while still making Medium Games and only switch over to 4V on Large Games.


Because it still provides a bonus, no?


Not really if you have the slider all the way down and try putting in a few features and you’ll see only 20% or lower will be actually added to the game.


Is there a way to train your staff to make the numbers go up on the features? In my opinion, get a new level with an employee, he should be able to handle more.


Dat necro


yeah there is also a math for calculating scores on previous reviews so weigh this in as well as you previous 10 is not a 10 in the future as it is more beneficial to improve a game in small increments. As for the % stuff, you add D/T to your final product that it doesnt get to its complete potential doesnt have to be bad just see if it does reach like 80% or so if its a main feature? Some explanation from devs would be nice