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I thought it was like this:
0-12 = child
13-18 = teenager
18+ = adult


Yes, because this totally feels like a competition. Yes, I stopped work on mine because of yours. People were settling with yours. Couldn’t be bothered. What a childish move, am I right?


Peradev made fake sites, threads and announcements. He made a small virus instead of a pre-alpha of TV Tycoon, then saying it was an ‘error’. Plenty of reasons to NOT trust him, now he tries to make a comeback with his emoticons.


Oh jesus really? I did not know about that stuff. I stopped getting on these forums everyday a while ago so I totally missed that lol.


Not really, until you are 18 you are under care your you guardian or parent so you are still a child/minor. Like you you wouldn’t hear a parent saying these are my teens or even adults, they would say that these are my children. Childish is more a term for over 16 year olds I think.


Maybe its just how people behave. A 20 year old can be an adult but act like a child. And a 13 year old could have a young body but still acts like an adult. Physically, it’s true. But psychologically is a different story.


you guys should start leaning code this program will have limits big ones


just do yours

don’t let anyone stand in your way. this is your goal. make a clear path to it


so? it’s a gateway, stop being so elitist.


well a gong to mit and am 40 kid dont go via school then we can talk


In no way do I believe you’re either 40 or in MIT. Pretty sure you’d have to be able to spell first. In addition, don’t get so offended cause I dared to suggest that some people don’t have the time or ability to learn to code, and that this program is a good way to remove the barrier presents for potential mod developers. So no, I don’t agree, and I also don’t see how bringing education into this is relevant, and if it is you should learn that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


Shots fired


Elements fired


Dang man. It just got real.


Something like that, I suppose.




OK but in that case, how come he’s in MIT? That place isn’t exactly easy to get into afaik. Also, doesn’t excuse his elitist behaviour, it literally just explains his spelling.


wat just happened.


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