[0.1] [Tools] Beam Mod Maker


I forgot about this lol

@ShadowedDeath, it’s not dead! Where did you get that impression? cough cough


Looks nice. Btw whats the Avbryt? :yum:


It means “Cancel” in Norwegian.




I guess it’s Scenario #1, like I predicted…


I’m not coming back to the community, it sucks. And if you think about what you just wrote, you’ll understand why. When I post an update, I would love to get a “Nice to see you’re still working on it”. But instead; “facepalm Wow, what a hypocrite”.


You haven’t made any updates or have said that it isn’t dead.


He just said it wasn’t dead?


Before he posted that update.


Wutwhatwhatwhut… I’m confused… :confused:


Nice to see we are still good at detecting sarcasm over here at GHG forums :wink:


welcome back to hell, man


It’s not hell, it’s a place with immature kids and depressed/annoying adults; No satan here.


Lol, @Lukas_Schuurman depressed?


I was kidding :wink: It’s just a place with immature kids.




combined as one
we are satan.


I’ve seen that there are 41 off-topic posts on this topic so let’s get back on-topic


I’ll continue, seeing as that other .NET thing was abandoned. It will be missed.


I’m curious as to why it seems everyone on these forums act like children. The development with that Paradev guy who whatever his name is and TV Executive Tycoon. They all act like children whining and complaining about each other. I see why you gave up on these forums @Stian but even with all that being said you seem to act like a child too. You abandoned your own project because of mine? You may deny that but you stopped work on yours after complaining about mine. Then I abandoned mine because I don’t have the time so you decide to start back on yours?

Not trying to be mean just trying to tell you there shouldn’t be any competition between us and also you can have my artwork if you want


Because most of us are children, if you are under 18 you are a child.