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rest in community




I crie everytiem :’(

But seriously, goodbye. Don’t worry, Game #2 will bring us back to our duties.


Well… It’s nice knowing you buddy Sniffs


Since it has been so long since a new game, the community has run out of things to discuss that are on topic. As I have said previously, once the new game is released, things will be better.


Guuurrll, you weren’t even close to being very early.


I think he will come back before Game #2 is released or very long after it’s released, or not.

Scenario #1: He comes back before Game #2 is released because he still thinks this community is worth it and he makes the same mistake.
Scenario #2: He will force himself to NOT return to these forums after Game #2 is released; But very long after, he will come back and (maybe) announce a new mod.
Scenario #3: He won’t come back, and tell some people on the internet and in real life how immature this community is.

Either 1, 2 or 3. Nothing else.

I joined these forums in 17 November 2014. These forums where created LONG before that, but I feel like I’ve been on these forums for 3-6 years. I think Stian feels like that too.


Heck I was here before him and I don’t feel like I was here early… just that I’ve stayed :wink:


I was here the beginning of Jan. which is still before him, but not that early and I feel like I have only been here a little.


Also, where is the Linux version? I didn’t switch over to Linux to get a Windows version :frowning:


He’s gone


I came to check for bug reports, but whatever.







I agree, top kek.



Stian won’t come back, I’m sorry.


Nah, don’t be. I just found out the moment I posted the comment and I don’t know if I can delete my comment.


Click on the button with the three dots at the left side of the ‘Reply’ button like this ‘…’, it will show you a trash bin.


Thanks. I’m still new here so thanks for that.



I’ll use this to make fun mods and consoles and other shit.


Pretty sure this is dead. Look at Ultimate Mod Maker instead.