[0.1] [Tools] Beam Mod Maker


A nice looking software does attract more people :wink:


Later today, I’m publishing an update which fixes topics and allows you to edit them :smiley: After that, I’ll do platforms and then saving/loading.


Actually, scrap that. Who knew I would have this much trouble converting a STRING TO A F*KING DOUBLE.


@Stian I don’t really care if it looks really pretty or really shite, as long as it is a functional, graphical interface, it’s fine for me.


What is up with everyone doing these “relatable” programmer things? It’s not relatable or useful, and just shows that you have a low skill leve.


After a quick fix, I managed to get the editing working. I’m almost done with topic exporting, and then I’ll move onto platforms.




Beam 0.1

  • Added topic editing
  • Added topic removal
  • Fixed various bugs

(I know the application has some strange UI things on Windows, don’t know why. I’ll fix it at some point)

I know people here only use Windows, so I won’t bother uploading the Linux version. If anyone genuinely wants a Linux version, I’ll upload it.

Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5u3CGyYxlyYM2YzX01wVHFLTmc

The application ships with DLL’s from Qt and MinGW. I take no credit for them.


That’s great


One thing you can create a topic with no name. Other then that it looks great


(*than) I know.


wait, where does it save my mods?


It doesn’t. I can’t compile the library I’m using for Linux on Windows, so until I find out how you can’t save.


Actually, I’ll switch to another library that I can compile with the program.


Thanks to @iSenzo, Beam will now have genre icons :smiley:


Before anyone asks, I’m developing a vegan community site and I’m prioritizing that over this.


You’re Vegan?


I’m just going to post the occasional update on Beam from now on, I give up on this community. There are a few people who stay on topic and are nice, but most on here post off-topic spam. Certain people I’ve noticed even like every single post that posts something that goes against me or my opinion. It’s quite annoying. When Patrick made the announcement, I thought things were going to change on the forums. It didn’t.

It’s quite sad. I joined this community very early, and it was great in the beginning. It’s just gotten worse and worse the as trolls and spammers have made the “proper” people leave.

I know people are going to post shit against this post too claiming that I’m even worse than the people I’m describing. Go ahead, it’s a free world. Too bad I won’t read it. Enjoy the forums.

@ShadowedDeath, yes.


Haha well that sucks. Sorry to here your leaving.

Sure there are a lot of people that go off-topic but its not really a bad thing. This isn’t a strict place like the military or anything. It’s just people having fun and playing around. None of the “proper” people left this community because of these people.

But whatever, well good bye.


lol ok, bye