[0.1] [Tools] Beam Mod Maker


Before this even came, UME had custom engine features (aren’t implented AT ALL) and platforms (isn’t implented yet but still tab open + that is what i wanted to use mostly). Capiche?


Going to livestream development tomorrow! Good chance for you to learn some C++ :smiley:


If you have any questions, I’ll answer them. If I know the answer, that is. If you want, I can also go through the source code of Beam.


lol i have no hope in me learning any type of programming language


because lol is funnie lol


The stream will start around 15:00 CET.


No interest? lol fine


Where the link at?


It’s at Twitch, you can either guess the link or give me ten minutes.


Is it twitch.tv/lizardsrunthegovernmentbymanipulatingyoutousewindows ?
Bah, what a ripoff. rips off ticket to stream


I’m gonna stream after dinner, don’t quite know when it is. Going to publish the link here when I’m ready.


Live in a couple of minutes :smiley:


There we are!


rip stream


Oh, shit! I was playing Terraria for the last few hours :skull:


Just wondering: do you need a pretty interface? Do you want icons and shit? I’m absolutely awful at graphics.


Don’t think it’s a must. As long as it’s easy to use it’s fine without. But maybe you can find something on sites like www.iconfinder.com


Yes, I’m going to buy icons for an open-source program.


As long as it works design is not needed.


No… there are tons of free icons on CC.