[0.1] [Tools] Beam Mod Maker


Good news - I compiled yaml-cpp. Look forward to seeing some yaml-cpp based action.


topic cleanup. please stay on topic everyone.


what is yaml-cpp?


WHAT IS yaml-ccp???


@Today & @Trollbreeder:



I got a lot of code now :smiley: I’m really proud over the progress I’ve made. Finalizing topic editing, and then finishing image overriding. (aka setting background textures and the likes)


all hail our lord and saviour, stian


oh stahp it :blush:


Okay then


Everyone leaves…

@Stian: Nonononono! Please! Come back now!!!

Presses button, doors close

@Stian: You guys are staying here, until I release BMM worldwide. MUHAHAHA! :smiling_imp:


Beam mod maker is working when i downloaded the compiled version.
why cant i add any platforms?


because the mod maker does not support it.


There is clearly a Platform tab in this.


that doesn’t mean it works.


I need an official reply from the creator, Stian. not a reply from a stranger (even tough you are a regular)


No but really it just doesn’t work yet


@Trollbreeder I don’t think they would be lying to you. I haven’t added platform support yet. It’s coming at some point. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 2666. Who knows.


If everyone leaves then the effect would just be me halting development lol


if everyone leaves the result would be GHG disabling the forums lol


Why are we saying lol lol