[0.1] [Tools] Beam Mod Maker


well, if mkdir needs admin permisions
then viruses can’t make directories, right?
oh wait


Guys take to a PM. Does this mean that BMM might not be finished?


“I found a bug, this application will never be finished”

Not how it works my dear ShadowedDeath. I might resort to using the crappy Windows library on Windows, or something. I don’t quite know.


Okay it just sounded as if you’re not promising that the whole thing was going to be finished.


aka. “don’t know when or how to fix this bug yet”


Haha. Well it’s looking like The Govodore Comeback isn’t coming anytime soon.


I don’t get what you’re pointing at. This bug is barely any effort to fix, I’m just trying not to resort to the Windows library.


Wow, found the issue! I don’t know what idiot over at Microsoft decided to do this, but apparently paths in Windows use forward slash ( \ ) and not back slash ( / ) like everyone else. Because Qt isn’t braindead, it gives us the correct directory path. I need to reverse the slashes somehow.


Here’s the actual issue: I compile with a port of GCC which makes it use forward slashes and not back slashes. However, when I try to use a system call, it doesn’t work because it presumes we’re going to give it back slashes.



You could go deep into the code and change the pathes to forward slashes. But that’ll be a pain.


aka @Stian proved Windows is officially stupid, literally


By sunday, I can promise that I have topic editing and exporting working on all platformz :smiley: (Apart from Mac, because Mac)


Fixed it.

I can finally go back to my Linux partition :smiley:


now we can finally make mods


I don’t know what happened, but my Git repository shat itself lol

Never use Git on Windows #tipsforlife


Update the links?


Do you really want that shitty version with no additions and just one bug fix?


[The beginning of GDT]


I want to test it.


New commit. Nothing interesting, but I fixed the build and also added some WIP functions to project saving/loading.