[0.1] [Tools] Beam Mod Maker


Well here’s one. When looking in main.js and pakage.json there is no evidence of a topic being created.


Thank god for that :slight_smile: Try src/topics.js




Turned off computer but I didn’t see a topics.js


In the “src” folder.


Why have only two people downloaded :stuck_out_tongue: I thought people were going to be excited.


Hey - I found a bug. You know that thing @Today said we didn’t have to test because it was obvious how it works? It doesn’t work.


There is no src folder.


don worry, people don’t know about this too much yet and it’s still an early release

although I don’t think you wanted answers for this question


Sweet, I’ll try this out later.


I think you’ll find it… Usable :wink:


I don’t think it is ;). Still no sign of a topic being created.


how the heck did you brake mkdir


Can you please stop being so arrogant? I didn’t “break” mkdir, it just doesn’t work when you call it. I’m investigating it.


but…but…I just asked?
okay, sorry?
so, when you call it, it won’t make a directory?


There are plenty of examples. Just, in the future, try not to be so arrogant.

Using a system call, mkdir does not make a directory. It works on Linux however, probably because Linux isn’t weird :stuck_out_tongue:


So is the problem with topic exporting going to be fixed?


maybe mkdir needs admin permissions?
edit: mkdir makes directories and is linked to the topic exporting problem I believe


The OS handles that. If you need admin permissions to modify your own home directory however, that’s bad design.


Working on it, but not promising anything.