[0.1] [Tools] Beam Mod Maker


What error? Also, why is it important to have Windows on your laptop? Just asking.





Download links of test version going up soon! :smiley:


Linux: http://ge.tt/1qqDcvV2/v/0?c
Windows: http://ge.tt/1qqDcvV2/v/1?c

Please upload some screenshots of it working on your system!


If the link worked I would ;-;


lol it seems ge.tt is down for the first time ever.

Confirmation: http://www.issitedownrightnow.com/status/ge.tt

Goddamn it :stuck_out_tongue: Just as I managed to get the Windows version working. F the world.


Just upload it to a different site, preferably one that isn’t down. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. The new emojis are weird…


Yes, doing that.


Uploaded it to Shitgoogle Shitdrive.

Linux: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5u3CGyYxlyYSTNHOFZINy1JWlU
Windows: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5u3CGyYxlyYdmxUcEY1Mlp4a2M

Send me screenshots!


Omg awesome! Well those five hours I spent trying to work out how to install Linux were pointless. The bootloader didn’t install correctly so I couldn’t load up Linux and it just went back to loading the usb.

Why is Google shit now. Also use dropbox. It’s way better than Google Drive from experience when me and @CrumpDev were deciding which cloud drive provider.

Keeps coming up with missing DLLS. Presumely from the compiler.

EDIT 3: Find out what I did wrong with the Bootloader however I cbf fixing it.


What DLL?


Well I downloaded it and then more came up.

EDIT: Please fix!


Clarify. I have no idea what to fix. Give me the error message.


It basically says that a DLL is missing and you need to reinstall the program. I downloaded said DLL and placed in the folder and that error message went away. However another one popped up saying that another DLL was missing and again I downloaded that one too, but again another one popped up.


Please tell me what the first DLL is. You can’t just download one DLL and put it in the folder, there’s a program tied to the DLL file.


1st: libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll

2nd: libstdc+±6.dll


Fixed it :slight_smile: Uploading new one now. Another time, don’t download random DLL files of the internet. I’m gonna have to static compile, because that’s a lot of libraries. On Linux, I could have just told you to install a package. But on Windows, you have to include eleven billion DLL’s. sigh

I claim no responsibility for any damage these downloads may cause!



Enjoy :smile: Remember to send me screenshots if it works, I still don’t know. But in my clean Wine prefix, it did in fact run.


Okay so found some bugs already:

Save & Load does not work.
Terminal launches with program (not sure if its meant to be like that)
Can not remove topics
Can not edit topics
Not sure if there is is a problem but Syntax of Command error comes up in the terminal



None of those are bugs… So the fact that you just said “have fun” is kind of fun.