You know the Switch exists, so can we get a port?

The topic name pretty much sums my thoughts up.

If it is technically possible, than you should think about it. Reasons?

  • You have a port for a portable console
  • You have a port for a stationary console
  • First foray into consoles would help you in the future
  • Once you get Game Dev Tycoon to the Switch, you will be able to get Tavern Keeper to the Switch ultra easy, because of the engine (unity makes Switch versions easy), experience and business connection with Nintendo.

Pretty please? I want to throw money at you!

The switch has a touch screen, so that could work.

It is like the real switch on the picture it has the port and mentions the touchscreen

I highly doubt it to be honest, if there was going to be a console release it would most likely take ages to port it to consoles, with Phones it makes more sense because developing games for Smartphones is much easier and it’s easier to control, The mobile market is also one of the biggest ones right now.

But yeah, a Switch version seems out of the question, but it would be cool.

Well I don’t think it would be good for a game like this to go to consoles, games should focus on either consoles or mobile/PC games, if this game gets brought to the Switch, people will expect the game for future consoles, these consoles may not be good for GDT

From what I’ve heard, Switch is relatively easy to develop for if you know unity. And 3rd party Switch sales have been phenomenal; just a few days ago, the Super Meat Boy developers said launch sales were almost as good on Switch as on the xbox 360 in 2010. An 8-year old game selling that well is insane. Out of all the consoles, GDT would definitely be best suited for the Switch, both due to the target market and the portability. It’s definitely worth at least considering porting to Switch IMO.

Well, its just, how would you make stuff like the joystick or buttons work with a simulation?

Thing is, that’s Super Meat Boy, it’s known more than GDT and as a matter of fact, Consoles have fees to develop for them I’m pretty sure.

well from my point of view, it wouldn’t make sense to have fees to develop for a console, if a popular title gets released for a console people want to get the console more if they like the game.

I also wanted to say, GDT doesn’t use Unity

4/10 Simulation and Switch are a terrible match.

Joking aside.
If it would be feasible for GHG to port GDT to switch at this time, they most likely would.

Currently however they are busy with GDT mobile launching and updating PC version and working on Game #2

wait aren’t you the guy from BLF

Sim and switch is +, 0.8, not terrible, but not great, its an okay match lol, according to the game at least

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