Hi all!
This is my new game avalable on Google play store!


shameless xD

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Oh god. @CrumpDev @WaveJones.

Seems like a Poundland version of Race the Sun.
( http://store.steampowered.com/app/253030/ )

He got it on the play store???

Must of cost a fortune to get it on though.

Might do.

where is x racer and z racer

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Content is not available in my country

doesn’t cost that much to publish to play store :stuck_out_tongue:

A small loan of a million dollars

25$ to upload to Google Play?
I could buy a new computer for that money…

Funny you should say that -

Do these look similar? Well, I hope you’re sitting down…


I present X Racer, the asset pack that @peradev put onto the Play Store with little to no modification.

For anybody unconvinced, here’s a web demo of X Racer - http://www.deercatgames.com/xracer/ - which is exactly the same as Y Racer. Come on @peradev, you could’ve named it something that would’ve made it hard to find at least.

@WaveJones @ShadowedDeath #exposed


Well it may of been a translation? Anyway. @peradev what do you have to say about this huh?

Btw, some of the translation is wrong. Pretty sure this is a type Italian dialect not Standard Italian. And no I didn’t type it into Google translate I know a little bit of Italian

kk but it’s still not his game but rather a template he uploaded to the play store with no modifications or anything. it’s pretty scummy.

you realise Android uses C (core), C++ and Java(UI only), and not C#?
but then again if Unity can port games, then fuck me

Unity can port games to android, among other systems. It’s quite versatile and is great for ripping off other games.


Though I gotta give pair-a-dave some credit. Those sickass neon ground and pillar textures are awesome.

Asset flip is confirm
another mystery solved

We still haven’t got a reply @peradev.