WTF? This game is a carbon copy of GDT


Have you guys seen the Individual Investor Tycoon game? It’s a carbon copy of GDT, but it’s shitty!

They even copied the music. Like, copy-paste, not similar music. Is this even allowed?

The game is paid, so they’re making a profit off of our assets. What do we do boss? Sue the f%$k out of them or just let them be?


Where do you see assets from GDT? Its indeed a very similar layout but they have their own assets, haven’t seen anything from GDT.


That was a reference to GDT, when the game tells you that some ‘devoted fans’ made a free game using assets from your own game but aren’t making a profit, and asks you what do you want to do…

Side note: A joke is like a frog: if you dissect it, you understand it better, but the frog dies in the process. :wink:


“carbon copy”

I like that word.

While yes, it does look similar, but there was a more, direct rip-off before it was taken down. UnOfficial Game Dev Tycoon Mobile, by some Chinese company.