Would you be accepting Playtests?

Dear Greenheart Games,

I have recently made the decision of becoming a game tester for the next year and maybe even more and I wondered if you would be doing any play tests (at home testing jobs). If so, being a great fan and a beginner at testing I would be proud to test your next game for a low price.
I really don’t mind if this gets declined, I’m just looking for some where to start off to be honest. Sadly, there’s no game industry companies in the city I live in so I can only do at home playtests in which I’m looking for companies who are looking to hire some at home play testers. Thanks!

Yours sincerely

I’m not trying to be rude, but why would they hire you when they could get just about anyone else to do it for free?

The whole point of a Game Tester is for the tester to play the companies new game looking for bugs and bad parts about the game that should be improved that could have an effect on the sales. For example, a part of the game may not be so stable in which you would report that in a playtest session. This is done before the game is released in which they hire specific people who match the companies needs. For example, some companies may even demand you have some sort of qualification to be hired.

I already understood what a play tester is. I was saying that there are plenty of people in the community who’d be willing to do that for free.

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Yes, but some company’s hire “pro” play testers because they want someone with a certain amount of skillz.

That’s why I’m asking. I’ve already said how some companies would rather qualifications along with your experience.

I should clarify. There are plenty of skilled people in the community who’d be willing to do that for free.

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@chizbejoe , And there are! , I’ve tested and helped debug many games in my past, I’m also about to help test Tech Executive Tycoon For Free

Should also clarify that that’s not what I’m asking here.

Correct if i’m wrong, but it kinda sounds like you’ve been asking if you can do all that stuff and get paid. Even though:

I’m not saying that there aren’t game testers out there. I’m saying that with a game like this and a community like this, you’re not going to have much luck when it comes to being a game tester for the game.

Most likely I am coming off as being rude or condescending. Trust me, I’m not trying to. It just probably looks like that because I don’t see any reason to sugar-coat this.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be successful in the future, so I wish you luck with that. :green_heart:

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I guess your right :wink:

Sorry for posting MONTHS later but to be fair, it’s been a HELL of a journey since this post.
I’ve decided that game testing was clearly not the way to go, and with a small and loyal community like this I had 0% chance.

Instead I’m pursuing the programming side of things. Never been one for design but I absolutely LOVE coding! Nothing’s better than being able to say “YES! It works!”.
Since I’ve had lots of time to spend on the ENTIRE web itself, I’ve learned LOTS more than I did than sailing through “Wannabe game tester sites”. In fact, I do game testing in my spare time when I get bored rather than look for a job around game testing.

I’m currently working on two projects. I’m helping bug test a TWD (The Walking Dead) mod for Star Wars Battlefront (not the EA reboot). That’s something I’d spend a couple of hours doing.
The second project is going to be my BIGGEST yet. It’s a Star Wars total conversion mod for Civilization V. It’s going pretty well so far. There’s a team of us (5 at the moment) working on it since, well, I’m willing to push it far enough to beat all other Total Conversion mods on Civilization V. We’re doing the Vanilla version first and DLC version(s) next. I’m proud to say that I’m taking 3 roles of this. Lead Developer, Programmer and (well you obviously guessed it) play tester.

As for why I’m saying this? Well, I’m going to try making my own game on Unity after and take the next step. This is where I’ve realised that Greenheart Games is using Unity. No, I’m not going to join them. However, if I get used to Unity and Unreal Engine 4 along with some coding languages like Python (learning it now), C++ etc… I could begin searching for job opportunities. Greenheart Games IS in fact the first place I’ll check. I’ve loved their Game Dev Tycoon and played it since it came out and I’ve already saved up for the new game they’re making. If Greenheart make a game AFTER this (God I hope they do), I’ll apply for a part if applications are open. That’s IF, of course, I’m familiar the language/software they’re using.

This is mostly just me dreaming big, I know, but I’m constantly learning from using the internet daily and I’m learning incredibly fast throughout my current Civilization V project.

If you’ve actually made it through to reading this, I congratulate you :smiley:
Thanks and have a great day!

  • TheGangstarTY

Good for you.
Wish you all the success.


Thanks mate :wink:
Things are going towards success so far :slight_smile:

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Sounds cool. :smile: