Wished for something else

I really wished that Game #2 would have been a tech tycoon, like building os-es, gui-es, then prcessors, monitors, laptops, tv stations… that would have been sooo awsome. but instead, a tavern tycoon?
man, i’m dissapointed. :unamused .
maybe we should ask for the topic of the next game should be this one.
hope you agree.

Heck no. That’s not original at all.

I’m looking forward to something unique.

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You can’t possibly satisfy everyone. Some would wish for something like Tavern Keeper, some wouldn’t.
Honestly I’d be happy with both, especially if it’s from GHG.
btw. http://techexecutivetycoon.com you’ll like this if you didn’t know about it already

Ay! Nice to see you back @Haxor

I got the “first mention” badge twice