[WIP] The Buissness Elite Expansion


Please your shareholders or your fans, make the big ones or games riddled with syntax errors. Be careful though, if your fan reputation isn’t good enough… don’t epxpect your 10 rated game to sell 10 million units.

Planned Features

A new name!!!

Texture pack (optional when implemented)
New marketing options - youtube, crowdfunding
Make a website (boosts hype for every game once made, can be upgraded with new modules)
Sub-Companies (Okay, take assassins creed for example, a different division works on it every year, basically if you are not producing enough bubbles, it is like having more staff capacity)
New office/s (when i find out a way)
New Topics
New Events
New consoles (not allot)
Make Publishing deals (you can publish other company’s games)
Rip off indie developers
Shareholders! (you have shareholder rep and fan rep)
Modify review algorithm (optional when implemented)
Allot more coming soon


Not allot, but a lot…

If, You can do this, Yey!


Not bad! +1


Please everyone, give Rex some heart…his ideas are great!


@lPunisheRl thanks, until it comes out i wouldn’t +1 it though! it might be total flop


@lPunisheRl in fact i forgot… to…give…you…CAKKKKKKKKKKKKKE!!!
:cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake:


Haha, Im not sad, because Ive got THIS:





I love your ideas.

Let me know if you want aome help with translation into German.


Nice ideas… sadly they are just ideas at the moment.


The cake is lie


Do you have any prevision of the date that you will launch the mod?


no, working out how im gonna do the rep, i don’t want to release a mod with just topics, platforms and events. im also working on next update for future tech mod for slashercrasher aswell


If you need help, feel free to ask. :smiley: As I will soon get back into modding… :stuck_out_tongue: Just gotta catch up in school, and finish up my android app.


im fine thanks, btw the next version will require ultimatelib… im doing it in ume


Nice ideas man


To bad this is a old post