[WIP][REL] The Features Mod (0.0.1 alpha(yay))




Thx :slight_smile:


No problem :wink:


i thick you sould say what it adds so we know what we can look for like bugs


can i be a tester?


Could i be a tester


Sure you guys can! Just wait a bit.


Attention all testers: Mikkel_Bie reported the Test Console doing what the OPPOS console does.
It give’s you alot of money and fans. So if you encounter this bug,testers,feel free to fix the mod.(i would do it, but i don’t remember how i got wondows xp to work with .net framework 4.5)


@Today i’ll take a look


i have made a Private messag and added us all (all tester) to it report on that


Wait, why is this still not on the Official Mod List and the UME modlist? :crying_cat_face:
@Charlie @alphabit


The mod list will be updated shortly :smile:


Thanks :smiling_imp:


Can i be a tester ?




The Features Mod has been downloaded :keycap_ten: times!
Result: Gonna start developing 0.0.1 alpha now!


FYI alpha comes before beta :stuck_out_tongue:


tell that to UME


Considering i have researched the code of GDT, i will make TFM 0.0.2 alpha and beyond, not use UME anymore. This is because i want to add contracts and, later, other things.


is it for 1.4.5?