[WIP] Obstacle Ball

Download the game here:


So I am making a game right now, and I want some ideas from other people to make it into something cool. Now please do not give me crazy ambitious, Fallout 4 Open-World RPG, Dynamic Weather type ideas, because I can’t do that ha ha. But I do ask that you please just play this demo, and give me some ideas.

Basic Concept:
The objective of the game is to get the ball to the goal using the least amount of throws possible, and not going over the throw limit. You have to throw the ball through obstacles, and get it through every obstacle in the level to beat the level. If you go over the throw limit, you have to re-play the level.

It is a simple concept, but if done right, I promise that it can be fun. It has been done before.

Current Development:
At the moment, I have a prototype of Level 1 complete. It has very basic art and not much at all to it. The level is very easy to complete, and there is no Level 2 right now. But, with this one level, you can still see what my intentions of the game are. It could be a really cool game actually if the art improved and more levels were added.


What I would like you to do:
If you guys could provide some feedback on how the game plays, I would appreciate that. But the main thing I am asking you to do, is to play my prototyped game, and give me suggestions on what you would like added, and new ideas that could be added to the game.

Obviously, there are a lot of unimplemented features I intend to add, but I still want to hear your guys’ feedback. After all, the public will be the ones playing the game :slight_smile:.

So with all that being said, thank you guys for reading, and please download and try out my game. Again, all I ask is for you to download my simple prototype video game, play the first level, come back here, and give me some feedback/suggestions. This will help me out more than you think.

If you didn’t see the game’s link, it is at the top of this post.


This is better then TV Executive Studios (they tried to launch it on the forums, but it was awful

I didn’t see that lol. But I am trying to get feedback very early in the development of the game so it can become something people will actually want to play lol.

Also, I want people to know about it when it actually is released.

Simple shaders, simple idea, simple models. This is a game with a lot of potential and I hope you’ll make good use of it :relaxed:

Would be cool to have a ball customizer in this game so you can choose a green ball or blue ball :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And a Nyan Cat ball for @Haxor

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btw. put it also on gamejolt (you can add achievements, high scores, make money etc)


Thanks for that input. I will definitely add the ability to change the ball’s color. I like that idea quite a lot.

Dang… Thanks for that image, that helps quite a lot. Now, some of these things I might add, and some not. I am not trying to make the game too ambitious, but I LOVE the idea of making the player create his/her own level to get complete it. That my friend, was a genius idea. Why it didn’t cross my mind before is beyond me ha ha.

But with that being said, it is quite a bit of work. I do plan on adding that though, just I am going to polish off Level 1 now, and let people play the polished Level 1 when it is finished. But I will keep this idea at the back of my head, and I plan on eventually creating it. Seriously, thank you. This game would be very interesting and unique to every player if I add the ability to place objects like that…

you meant neko balls

what about
ball teleporters, like portals from um… Portal

I have updated the prototype. Here is a video and some pictures:


Prototype Showcase - Indie DB

Spawn Area

Drinkable Bleach

Throwing Ball

Final Section of Prototype

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The torches just seem out of place in that environment. Also, the lack of lighting is annoying.

The darkness was intended due to the simple models. With a lot of light, it looks worse lol. But the spawn is really dark, I do agree there.

Now if I make the skybox darker and add some more light at spawn, then the torches might make some more sense. Because again, the point was to make this scene dark.

I think it looks better without a Sun Lamp, use less torches and stick them on one side and increase the brightness so people can still see what they’re doing. Maybe you could make some night levels and some day levels for the atmosphere of the game. Put some stars (Just particles) up in the sky, make the sky darker, add some clouds (If you want, idk if it’s hard to add them or make them) and the night level is done.

Could you tell me what the Drinkable Bleach does?

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The drinkable bleach currently just restarts the level. It will do more im the future. And it was added as an inside joke between me and friend ha ha.

But actually, when you play the level you can see what your doing, just the screenshots dont show that for some reason. But, since the torches flicker the offer a little realistic of flames, it is a little crazy with all the flickering. I will fix that lol.

But remember, I’m not spending that much more time on this level once it is completly finished because this is just here for a tiny preview lol.

And about the stars, I want to do that, but you need to create your own skybox and I’m no artist :frowning: But, I may be able to find some images on Google somewhere to fix that lol

So, here’s the million dollar question: Clorox or Domestos?

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LOL. I’m a Clorox guy myself. :joy:

Cool, cool.

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I just feel like the torches are put in there to show off cool lighting effects. They don’t really serve any purpose beyond that.

Yes, you would be correct :slight_smile: Right now though, they are the least of my worries. It will take a couple minutes to fix them lol. I will remove the torch number count, and increase the intensity. Also add some light baked lights in the level too.

But now, I am focusing on some new features and optimizing the code because I wrote some reaaaaally sloppy code to get a quick prototype going ha ha.

Over the past couple weeks, I have made some changes to the game. I’ve added basic modding support, core game mechanics, and made some optimizations.
Visit IndieDB to see everything that I have done: http://www.indiedb.com/games/obstacle-ball/news/devblog-2-basic-modding-added-and-new-core-feature