[WIP] Multi Dev Tycoon (MDT)



This mod adds a multiplayer option in the original game, allowing unlimited amount of players to join one’s game with synchronized global time and events. Player will have his account protected with a password of choice. People will also be able to communicate using game chat, create games together (by partitioning their work), and watch other people’s progress (visible offices of other players are planned). Compatibility with other mods is yet to be discussed.


  • CO-OP mode (create games together)
  • Server on all platforms (Win, Linux, Mac)
  • Everything is separated from singleplayer mode
  • Time sync between clients
  • Saving user progress to server
  • Chat between connected clients
  • API for plugins
  • Password protected user accounts
  • User-customizable server list and global server list
  • Lightweight server software (based on Node.js)


Janch32 - Client mod
Stian - Server software
Yell - Logo design


There are not any links yet. :frowning:

[WIP] GDTMP - Multiplayer Mod [Client 0.5.11, Server] (Now in 10 languages!)

There is already a multiplayer mod, but go ahead.


seems very interesting :slight_smile:


Very likeable connection screen.
Keep working!


Seems to have potential. I wanna see the outcome.


Quick Question: Is the loading screen your character?


I find original (GDTMP) multiplayer mod in many ways unfinished, so i started working on MDT. For example MDT does not interfere with your singleplayer saves and your progress is stored on the server. You can connect to the server from your notebook, disconnect, and if you connect with same username on you PC, you will start, where you ended. That is one of many ideas i’m planning for this mod, which differs this mod from GDTMP


You are going to add some verification to this log-back-on-another-pc thing, right?
Anyways, it has great potential.
edit: just noticed ‘password protected user accounts’.


Yes, there will be simple registration form and when you connect to server, main server will check your pass and nick. All passwords will be hashed and salted, so nobody can steal your password.
Note: if you want to create local server, you can simply turn off the login check in the config.


Nice :slight_smile: I think the goal of GDT Multiplayer was to get a very ligthweight, customizable mod. And the developer has stopped, and I dont have much time for the “continuation” I started. only a few error fixes.


Hi, janch’s friend, graphic designer, tester and text corrector here. Loading screen will show various characters, all of them random. If you look under the screenshot, there’s a link to a video.


Amazing. This gives me hopes that GDT Community is NOT dead anymore! Are you guys aiming for a Steam Workshop release?


Small/Tiny suggestion. I think Multiplayer Dev Tycoon sounds a bit better :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, putting this topic on my Watching List.


We definitely are, once it gets finished.


Cool. Looking forward to making a few features of my mod as an add-on to this one. And I’m also curious what I can do with that API.


Just saw the video. Epic!


Question: Will there be a mode selection in the server? Like,
Basic Singleplayer but everyone is connected, 1+ players needed
Co-Op mode, 2+ players needed
Competitors mode, 2+ players needed.
Co-op Competitors mode, 4, 6, 8, etc players needed.


There won’t be any specialised server type. It depend on player, what style he or she likes. But I think I can add this feature later.


Yeah, I meant like server gamemode. Would be good. 4 people, one with each company go 2v2, who will bankrupt the first. special events, etc. World War III allowed.


where do i apply to be an alpha tester!