[WIP] MoreGDT (2017) [Beta]


MoreGDT - A Game Dev Tycoon mod!

Welcome to the official thread for MoreGDT, a Game Dev Tycoon mod!

This mod adds all kinds of new platforms, events, topics, storylines and more in order to make Game Dev Tycoon more interesting and create a better player environment.

What are the current features?

  • Many more Grapple products including computers, phones and tablets running gOS

  • The Nexis line of products running on Cyborg OS

  • vNidia products

  • Atira home games console products

  • Voogle products

  • A huge amount of topics and research

  • A helpbook that shows the latest changes in MoreGDT and links you to places like our website and more

  • Additional “storylines”

  • Older less known products designed between the late 70s and early 2000s

  • More Ninvento products like the different kinds of Gamelings and Ninvento Twist

You can find all of the newer features not mentioned here in the changelogs for each update that is released.

What should I do when I install this mod?

Just to be safe you should always back up your game saves when installing new mods, especially when they are in development, so when you install MoreGDT make sure you have backed up your current saves in case anything happens, I don’t think it will but just to be sure.

What can I find here?

Here you can find plenty of information about the mod. You can find help to any problems you have, information on beta releases, and the kinds of things that will be found in future versions of the mod. Please provide feedback any feedback on our Github page that you will find the link to below.

Links! To stuff!

Rapid Development Studios website (old and outdated)

Rapid Development Studios website (New!)

The Github repository (release/beta)

The Steam Workshop page


We will also be looking for a artist to work alongside us, the job will include creating realistic looking 3D platform images for us.

Please DM me or @Diamox with some sample work and we will pick the best one.


pls continue developing! this is great work!


Hi, if there’s anything you can think of that could be added to or changed in MoreGDT then please provide any feedback you want!