[WIP] Master Inventory - Powerful, friendly, easy to use inventory system for Unity3D

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Inventory Master is an easy to use inventory system for Unity3D. With barely any programming required at all, you will be able to get an inventory up and running in no time! It doesn’t matter what type of game your building, FPS, RPG, Puzzle, anything, Master Inventory will work great with it!


  • Setup in Unity Editor
  • Minimal programming required
  • Support for any game
  • Create any item you would like
  • Create any sort of attribute for an item that you want
  • Unlimited number of items
  • Unlimited number of
  • Easy to set up and use


Setup Item Pool
Setup Player Inventory

Things to keep in mind:
Make sure that when you choose a Sprite to use for the Icon, it is in a Resources/Item Icons/ folder, somewhere in your project. Its best to put it in the Master Inventory folder.

I would really appreciate some feedback from you guys. Go ahead and download the .unitypackage that is attached to this forum, play with things, and come back and answer some questions for me.

  1. What did you think of my inventory system?
  2. Did you find anymore bugs?
  3. Would your purchase this project?
  4. If so, how much would you pay for it?

Download here

Known Issues:

  • When you click Manage Inventory under the Inventory component, and then click Window/Master Inventory, there is a chance that your item pool items will be messed up. So close all windows before opening them again.
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