[WIP] Expansion: InfoStatsMod - 0.4.2

@glampkoo Yeah I have tried multiple ways to fix it that have worked for other mods (Mainly just reinstalling or starting new game etc) and nothing has worked so far. I think it’s a bug.

What screen resolution are you using?

@alphabit Umm, well I use windowed mode and not fullscreen if that has anything to do with it. My maximum screen resolution is 1336x768 since I am using a crappy laptop.

It’s definitely a bug in the mod. Normally you should get a popup dialog displaying game details when using resolutions with a width lower than 1550. I’ve tested it on my current development version and I do receive the same error message.

I already fixed the bug and will release a new version within the next couple of hours, which should work then :slight_smile:

Thanks man! I really appreciate it! The whole reason I got this mod was for all that additional info that is displayed in the detail window! It triggered my interest in this mod so I can’t wait to see all the stuff this mod has to offer! :smiley:

I have uploaded a new development release (0.3.1) to GitHub. :smile:

See the first post of this thread for information.
More info at the GitHub Repository

Please report any errors here.

Hi, @alphabit I think you forgot to add the img folder in your release because I have errors in javascript console when the game try to load images of your mod and I don’t see any img folder in the mod folder.

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Thanks @Hexatan I’ll check it later and make an update!

Lol… the poor images are left alone! :frowning:

Confirmed! :frowning: What the heck! A lot of downloads and you, @Hexatan, are the first person telling me that!
I’ll fix that and re-upload the package.

All published releases have been updated to reflect the changes!
The packages on GitHub, NexusMods and ModStop (GameDevMods) have been updated accordingly.

Thanks again @Hexatan for pointing out!


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Congrats with 1k views @alphabit! You deserve every view :clap:

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Ehh… I should post this earlier, but I dont like when I release game, and it says it score. I want to wait for reviews, so can You make that notification AFTER the reviews?

In the “Released Game Analysis” or at which point?

When creating first game, it always is the best game. So, then it pop-ups and we see the score.

Right. I’ll provide a fix for it as soon as possible. Stay tuned… it will not take that long, promised :wink:


Just another question: Does it happen only on the first game?

Yes. When You release game with higher score it needs to have bigger revenue.