Windows 10 Upgrade! Do you have tis?


I know they aren’t removed, just minimized in Menu Start. But i hope it’s not a Ipad Genre, you know?


Ipad Genre? What is it?


In Windows 8 you had apps in the Menu Start. In Windows 10 the normal menu start comes back with a little tab for the apps

[Srry for bad translate :P]


Oh the hybrid. Now i get it


You know I want Windows 10 for just the new start menu and DirectX 12 and Microsoft Edge.


Wait, what is Microsoft Edge


A new integrated parkour game where you jump from buildings to buildings that are really white in color and shading to replace Minesweeper (RIP).


Overhyped cool looking browser.


ok. thx




Its not cool. Its very cool!





This post is good I also facing the same situation when I upgrade new version of Windows 10 my system shows an error epson printer error code 0xe5, I tried too many times to remove this error but I can’t do this. so, I really want a solution on how to remove this error as soon as possible.