Windows 10 Fun with Cortana!

I can’t wait for windows 10 mainly because CORTANA!
Check this video out if you haven’t already!

I already have Cortana on my Windows Phone.

Does it work good?

Yes. I can ask a question and it can give a humorous answer.

I’m so excited!

Yeah you can also download cortana apk for android mobiles .too much fun with cortana and siri :smiley:

Great necro

It gives info to the government, dudes! WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!

It’s on-topic so it doesn’t matter

I am using this very frequently. It has great fun and will assist you in the right direction. I have windows 10 laptops it has other attractive features too, taskbar autohide is one of them. But the taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen most of the time.