Will Game Dev Tycoon work on a laptop?


I have a laptop and i wonder if the game will run on it. My laptop runs stuff like flash games fine, but can be slow on some higher-end games. Does anyone know if the game will work? Thanks.



also try that


Yes this game is the farthest from resource intensive.


Works on mine (Aspire 7740G), but since we don’t know your config, it will be hard to say if it’ll work on yours.


I have 5 fps in the garage and I’m on a laptop


That doesn’t mean much considering its written using node-webkit and we don’t know what FPS the game is programmed to.

You can’t expect a game written using Node.js is going to be comparable in performance to games written in C/C++. It will make sure the game runs on nearly every system though


Sounds like it should work fine for you. I’m on a mac book pro, and have only had the game freeze up very sparsely (like 4 or 5 times) for a second or so in the roughly 20 hours I’ve been playing it.


Used the site. Turns out I only have around 800MB ram. How will the game run on that?


normally the site tells you if the game will run without any problem

also try the demo to be sure


I just downloaded the demo on my small laptop but the game wont fit in the screen. I cant even get pass through the first part because i cant option to continue wont fit in the screen so i cant click it. is there a something i can do to play this game on windowed mode or somethin?


when you start the game you can go into windowed mode but maybe you can change a config file too


i play on a laptop: i7, 8GB RAM, Windows 8, 2GB graphics card.


I’m using a budget laptop I bought in 2009 (this Lenovo G530-444636U) and it works just fine. The 1280 x 800 resolution is just enough to accommodate this game, and it runs smoothly except for the Research Lab-related slowness in the late stages (a problem that’s been noted by others who have much more impressive hardware), which is an annoyance but does not stop the game cold.


Well, I have an AMD-based A6 laptop (Asus A43T-A) with ATI dual graphics (Crossfire mode- the driver combines the CPU-onboard graphics with a discreet graphics card for more power). The game is playable up until the third building upgrade, in which it slows down to a crawl and becomes almost unresponsive after I start the R&D department.


You have checked it configuration for run a good game or enjoy to play a game on laptop and take good grapghic cad and RAM but take care about touch pad becuase it has become problem when play game on laptop but you can solve it using this link hp laptop touchpad not working


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