Why you never trust game critics

i took a look at the reviews for the game “civilization: Beyond Earth”. The critics had nice things to say… but the consumers, oh boy

So, do you trust consumers or critics? personally, i prefer to go of user reviews when i look at a game, as critics have probably only glanced at the game for the minimum time possible… and IGN

Source: http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/sid-meiers-civilization-beyond-earth

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“Consumers” isn’t a group you can trust or not, its just the gamers opinion of a game.

They both cannot be trusted completely . User ratings cannot be trusted because most users are stupid and childish (see DOTA 2 and the like), Critic ratings can be unreliable due to people being paid to give good reviews, but most reviewers tend to actually have integrity. Just because you dislike Civ: Beyond Earth and some users dislike it as well does not mean it is a bad game. Also, using metacritic to judge games is a very bad way of deciding whether a game is good. Here is a great article about that:

Generally, I still find the critics’ reviews (not their ratings, but their actual reviews and their opinion about the game) to be a lot more useful than user ratings, as the average metacritic user seems to be a complete idiot.

Don’t trust IGN. They are very corrupted.

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They’re not corrupted. What do you even mean by that? Did you mean corrupt? They are notorious for making inaccurate and bad reviews, yes, but they’re not corrupted. Sure, they hand out review scores that don’t show any consistency, and sure, they always give good reviews to video games that they are paid to advertise. But I don’t see how that has anything to do with the article I linked.

IGN get paid for basically all their articles and reviews. There’s no reason to trust them anymore.

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I’d like to have a source for that. You can say all you want, but I’m not going to believe that unless you can back it up with facts. I’m not a big fan of IGN either (remember, can’t spell ignorant without saying IGN) but that just sounds like mindless hating to me.

I do not trust any IGN articles because of the fact that they get paid, and I dont have a source. I’ll be honest. Its just truth, as its so clear in many reviews that they’re getting paid. But whatever.

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Sometimes, game critics are just oksebæsj (norwegian for bullsh*t)! People have different taste. Elite is a good game from the 80’s but if it was released today, the metacritics would be rated 1/100.

Without chiming in on the whole critic vs consumer thing…

Civ: Beyond Earth is very fun and a lot like Civ 5. Most people I’ve heard criticizing BE as “incomplete” are the ones playing Civ 5 with all 121,000 DLCs.

I agree, you can’t trust noone.
You gotta play it yourself, or for example watch some gameplays and create your own opinion if the game is worth buying.

I also think that some reviews sites are bit corrupt.
You know you can get so much monies from huge corporations just by making the game look better…

Bro, a lot of those bad reviews are trolls. There’s people who say stuff like “GTA 5 grphics are the wrst grphics ebver”.

The thing is… Civilization 5 was also complete shit before the expansions. City states were horrible and there were basically only a few leaders.

Maybe we just have different ideas of what’s important in turn-based strategy. There could be 2 empires and I’d still be happy, I’m certainly not paying for more. The two actual expansion packs added some neat stuff, and I’m sure BE will get the same treatment. But I’ve never felt like the DLC had any point really.

nu they shall add Serbie

I only used civ: BE as a example. Evolve is another one with conflicting reviews


Can we continue this old conversation? This thread is pretty interesting.

I’m pretty sure game critics can’t be trusted, so there’s that, only read game critics reviews if you want to laugh about how they rate every Call of Duty a 9/10. I only read consumer reviews for people who have crashes, performance problems or bugs. Then I take a look at some gameplay from a few different sources.

Did a little research here.

Seems that Activision Paid the critics to give them better rating which we all know.
Better Rating = $$$ +̶R̶e̶s̶p̶e̶c̶t̶

Press ‘f’ to pay respects. Btw, Infinite Warfare had less online players than another game called ‘Rainbow Six Siege’. Instead of just addressing it, Gamerant made an article as a mockery to Rainbow Six Siege just because it wasn’t well received in the past.

Link: https://gamerant.com/infinite-warfare-low-steam-player-numbers/undefined