Why UltimateLib should be brought back


If you’re here, you probably want to know my opinion on the disabling of UltimateLib by GHG. I think it’s a bad thing for this game. The mod community was great because of UltimateLib, and what does GHG do? Disable it because some people decided to make mods that make the game easier. There were much, MUCH, less destructive solutions to this, such as disabling achievements when people are playing with mods à la The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+. UltimateLib alone probably attracted thousands of players to GDT as it was an easy-to-use modding framework that let you make mods quickly and efficiently, meaning that by disabling it GHG may have very well hurt themselves just as much as they hurt the modding community for this game. Overall, I believe that if UltimateLib is brought back, there will be what is essentially a renaissance for GDT’s modding community and that thousands of players will purchase the game because of the promise of a very flexible simulation game. I also would like to point that, while not bad, or unfinished, far from either of those in fact, GDT feels very empty without UltimateLib.



I don’t think GHG have much of a say or impact on ultimate lib. Ultimate Lib is now unsupported software (not that it was “supported” in the first place). Apart From @SirEverard , i don’t think many people made much use of ultimate lib to its full abilities apart from when making mods with the mod maker.


I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment but I’m afraid you are basing this on incorrect information.
We have never interfered with UltimateLib (or any other positive mod) in any negative way. We did not disable the mod. We never banned it. In fact, we supported the developers because we saw the positive impact the library had.

UltimateLib is still available in the same state as the developers left it. We have no control over them so we cannot force them to update or support it further but we have never done anything to discourage them from doing so.