Why stop at 30 years?

Hi guys, i enjoyed the game a lot, probably too much to be honest, but i was curious…Why did you stop at 30 years? I felt a little sore when the 30 year mark hit, and it got me thinking. With the brilliant story line where you follow the rise and fall of both "Ninvento"and “Vena” accurately, why didn’t you guys continue with your OWN story line. What if Vena returned to the market with a hit console and/or the “mBox 720” was released, flopped, and micronoft did a gomodor? I fell you guys stopped the game just as it could have got interesting. Maybe apple leave the “grPad” and release a console.
Obviously i understand this is your first game, and for a debut, it’s brilliant, but if you ever decide to make a sequel ( if you have enough research points to do so :wink: ) i think you need to write your own interpretation on how Game Development will evolve after the 4th Gen consoles.
Once again, you guys did brilliantly with Game Dev Tycoon and i will defiantly be buying GreenHearts next game.

Yours Sincerely, Paul Rodriguez ( CEO of Veality Interactive…)

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Yup 30 years are low… or make time go slower :smiley:

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I would love to see that too. But the main problem is, as the name suggest, that Game Dev Tycoon is a simulation game. If you want to make a strong Simulation game, it has to be as realistic as possible. If you start to fantasize about what kind of events will happen in the game industry and the future proves otherwise, your game isn’t realistic anymore, and that’s a really big minus. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see that, but I don’t think it is possible…

The max you can get when beginning a game is 35 years.
And well, you don’t that much more of Video Game history.

That why I really love the idea of ghost mode suggested by Evogamer :

With that you’ll be the one writing the history, by doing more and more games.

Yes but the way i see it, If Tycoon suggests Simulator, then Roller Coaster Tycoon is a simulation game, and you can’t tell me it is

If GreenHeart was to add extra story line i think, after 30-35 years of accuracy, it would be a feature nobody could slander, as in a simulator like SimCity, hurricanes don’t actually happen at the click of a mouse button.

I went on for 100s of years when i played. Wanted to complete every achivment :smile: only one left!

I know you can pass 35 or 30 years, but how?

Just keep playing after the score calculation :slight_smile: