Why did i become a Regular?

I read the discourse post about regular, where anyone that has 5 flags or above is unable to become regular. If so, then why do i have it?

don’t demote me, this is just a question

You’re not appearing as regular to me

I have the badge, though.

They say people who have been banned can’t be regular either, so like me and Haxor (and probably some others that may have been banned for short times) should be ineligible as well. Not that I mind. I think the GHG forum personalized the requirements a bit.

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You need to select “Regular” in the Title tab in your preferences.

I heard that too, I was kinda confused
But any forum can personalize the settings, so yeah

I believe that I also have over 5 flags

That’s some harsh rules ;-;

There is a time component.

Specifically, 5 flags in the last 100 days.

Or even more specifically, 5 posts flagged, or 5 unique users flagging one post, (or some combination thereof). All counted in the past 100 days.


Now that makes sense

I still I think I just barely nail all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

*because nekos