Whoever keeps changing topic titles: please stop

There is seriously no reason to change any of those titles and if anything only makes the topics more confusing. If it needs to be deleted then it will be, just stop changing the titles because it’s really annoying. Titles like ‘‘Delete this please!’’ and ‘‘Ignore this please!’’ do not help anyone.


Who you gonna call?

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no it won’t
u can’t delete topics

Is this some kind of coding fault? @PatrickKlug pls fix. I think everyone can do this.

I’m back with a screenshot.

Look at the icon in the red circle, do you guys see this too?

I think only Regulars can. Just an inference.


I had that little thought but I just forgot about it, I think you’re right.

A non Regular can’t see that for some reason tyvm. I tried that with the ‘‘Ignore this please!’’ thread and it showed nothing there.

@Lukas_Schuurman Only Regulars can edit titles.

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Every normal user can see who did edit, what was cut etc.
I also can’t see who edited “Ignore this please!” and I don’t know why but it has normal title now.

I think secret GabeN is trying to tell us something

Yes, I only tried it with ‘‘Ignore this please!’’ so I guess that topic must’ve put me on the wrong path. Also no need to lecture me on how to find out what was edited out and stuff when I’ve been here much longer than you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It needed to be deleted lol.

@ShadowedDeath The right way to flag something for deletion is to use the ‘flag’ feature and tell us that, not to edit the topics name.

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Okay sorry.