Which kind of game do you prefer most?



I am new member into this forum. I would like to know your favorite list of games. Which kind of games do you prefer most. For me I like Challenging and skill games.

What is yours? Thanks!


Open world RPGs like Skyrim, Dragon Age, The Witcher, etc.


my Steam library consists mainly of simulation/strategy, casual, weeb games and cs:go.


I like dark games like ‘I have no mouth and I must scream’ or ‘Fran Bow’. Shooters are ok for me but I really like shooters when they have something special in them. Borderlands, for example, has an RPG-style gameplay. I like some story-based games, but your choices don’t really matter in most of them. I guess that’s it.


Open world RPGs and tycoons/simulators


Dark Souls & Guitar Hero.
Don’t ask, I don’t know.


what game categories i prefer the most is, i play business games such as software inc and game dev tycoon (i’ll get mad games tycoon soon and i’ll probably make a gaming thread of it). i also play platformers, first person shooters (i suck at it tho lel), fighting games such as skullgirls, racing games such as need for speed and trackmania, life simulation games, and city-building games such as simcity and cities: skylines. i can’t play cities: skylines though because my pc isn’t strong enough to play it. i have these games in my steam and origin account. you can add me there if you want. (steam id: mrdavidatify | origin id: mrdavidat2)


I know about ‘Dragon Age’ really interesting one. lol


Creation games like Spore (best game ever :wink:)


Spore, it could have been a better game.
Electronic Arts should take the blame.
Maxis isn’t here anymore.
Electronic Arts ruined Spore.


Shit, THIS is the best game ever…


doesn’t everyone?


Simulation games…

Euro Truck Sim 2
Sims series
Superpower 2
Dream League Soccer/Football 2016

######Casual gamers ftw


Those cheeky mustards must go to hell


All their money needs to be taken by Valve and EA needs to be homeless for the rest of their lives. Then… 10 years into the chamber I’ve build to where all the robots scream at you. They can go to hell after.


Why Valve
You realize that they won’t develop HL3 anyway


Thanks, and have fun!


I’m a RPG guy. Skyrim and The Witcher 3 are my all time favorites, and have taken many hours of my life away :joy:


They are. It will released by 2017 with L4D3


I love shooters and arcade games