Where should I start with C#?

I’m looking to start learning C#, mostly for modding purposes where I have to make .dll files for specifics in a mod. (If anyone is curious, I’m modding Rimworld.) Anyways, I’m clueless - on the Ludeon Forums (Rimworld Forums) I’ve been pointed in the direction of starting to learn C# and also getting Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Express (assembly modding) but that’s all I’ve got so far.

But I don’t know where to start with learning C#. Any help?

Do you have experience with other programming languages?

How I learned C#: (a bit atleast)

  1. Installed VS 2013
  2. Created a new app with designer
  3. Started adding stuff
  4. Started googling some functions and all this stuff I didn’t know
  5. Profit

@janch32 some experience with lots of everything, html5, css3, js, python, ruby and that’s about it. I also did some work with XML but that’s about it.

Depending on how motivated you are, you could try stepping through the microsoft XNA tutorial, that includes hooking up audio and sprites, and doing some C#. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb197293(v=xnagamestudio.31).aspx

I’ll try that, thanks!

You can also try scripting in C# in Unity, but that’s not a good way to learn…

I mean… you can do it later, with some knowledge.

@Haxor I was going to say… scripting in a language you don’t know won’t help you learn it, it’ll just teach you how to uninstall Unity. :stuck_out_tongue:

My post had no bigger point, just sayin’ that you can make games in Unity with C# when you’ll learn it.

I really learned C# like this:

  1. Found Unity and was like, “Well, time to learn C#.”
  2. Got a C# book called “Head First C#.”
  3. Made console applications from scratch and applications with Visual Studio’s designer.
  4. Got the basics down, and went over to Unity.
  5. Kept making weird stuff in Unity and learned C#.

PS: Learning C# in Unity is by far not the best way to go, but it CAN be done.

C# is an okay place to begin, but you might find it more fun to write
websites instead. It’s easy, everyone can see the cool things you do,
and you already have the tools to start doing it – just a text editor
and a web browser. HTML and Javascript are also much simpler and more
straightforward than C# without being less powerful.

http://net-informations.com is a good starting point.


  1. That post was over a year old when you replied to it (yes, your reply is a month old and I’m technically necroing a post but I’m not active enough that it bothers me any more.

  2. I already know HTML5, CSS, a bit of Javascript. I was trying to learn C# for more advanced modding in a different game because I wanted to expand on the basic framework and add some new stuff in.