Where do I start when making mods


Hi I wanted to get into making mods for Game Dev tycoon and there is nothing there are a few guides telling you how to add platforms but how do I setup the mod. Please don’t send me link to the mod API github page as it does not tell you how


Basically, if I remember, Game Dev Tycoon was codded with Java.

I do not know if there is any ‘Game Dev Tycoon’ Java Codding out there but there are some in general.

Practically you are on your own with making the mods, however, there are some mods that will help you make GDT Mods. For one instance, UltimateModingTool will help you achieve that.
(vvLink Can Be founded on this linkvv)

Now that I think of it, Mods that creates Mods huh? What a coincidence.


Here is the best place to start:


JavaScript actually, Java is not very extensible and overall its annoying.


That would explain why its file called .js


Yeah, I used to code in Java, and to my knowledge its impossible to make mods using Java for software that isn’t made with Java


Thank you so much this helps alot


GDT is an HTML5 web code game using Java Script (Object oriented scripting language) for programming events, actions and function of the game, where the UI is drawn by CSS (cascading style sheets).

EDIT: you need to know Java Script and CSS to mod it, it’s actually very mod friendly, if you know these languages.


That’s is the 2014 version of gdt-modAPI

I have the 2015 version of gdt-modAPI though. Might want to consider updating it, since I have one mod that it considers that to be outdated.

@walcor And if he is still struggling with coding, he might as well consider moving to Python.


You can’t mod this game in Python unfortunately.


That was simply a joke.

Since Python is considered to be the easy Program to learn.



The mod API ships with the game and is practically unchanged since the Steam Workshop integration. Not sure what different version you are referring to but https://github.com/greenheartgames/gdt-modAPI/wiki is the official API.


UltimateLib is also a great library to use for modding.


Then possibly my package came with modified mod API.


Well maybe you haven’t updated the game in 3 years or smth idk


And tell me Mr.SmartyPants can I find the latest ModAPI on non-steam?

We might as well stop this conversation as I am seeing it getting out of hand. Forgive for the attitude.


Yes of course