When is the next game coming?

So I love Game Dev Tycoon, probably on of my favorites, but I was wondering when the next game is thought to be released. Is there a time frame? How far are you along in development? I Just was wondering because I am ready to buy it whenever it comes out.
thank you

Last time someone asked this, I think about 2 weeks ago or so, the result was to just stay patient, maybe because they can’t give a reliable estimate yet, or cause they don’t want to restrict themselves to a time. Either case, I don’t expect the answer to change

They are a small team. Plus as it would seem by the people there hiring its going to be a 3D game. Not a 2D which takes a lot longer especially with such a small team.

Edit: Plus there moving on to unity which is new to them.

Maybe the game will be released by somewhat 2018-2022

:laughing: I think more that the release date would be: End of 2016-Begin of 2018

No fuckin idea. Maybe in Mid-2017?

thanks for your input

**Late 2016 - Early 2018
just making it more realistic.