Whats beetter in graphics? 2D or 3D?

Whats better really? 2D or 3D?

3D always has a higher tech level than 2D, and can go up to V7 instead of V5. I don’t know the specifics of tech levels, but 3D is always worth more points than 2D of the same level, and can reach higher levels.

i do find that kinda sad, since there is a lot of fancy looking 2D games IRL, most doesn’t leave japan but still, some are really succesfull over there. guess we in the west are more picky.

Well in 2021 if gotten up to V11 3d graphics in a game of game dev tycoon

I always switch to 3d v2 the moment I get the chance. This is because there is 3d up to v6 and v6 in the R&D lab, and no such thing for 2D, which goes to 2D v5. Also, AAA and large games need 3D games to be successful, or the ratings drop significantly.