What was your GREATEST developed game?

Mine was
"Kill, Win, Repeat."

I gained 45 billion dollars, 200k fans, and alot more.

I got annoyed, and just wrote a scramble of letters for the title and just mixed two random genres.

How the hell did you get 40 billion on one game though?!

Hold up… Billion? 45 billion? I want screenshots! :smile:


A game called Dr. Shit, it was a hospital/simulation. :laughing:

Pepe Masters with 7.1e+190 units sold and ‘I have no idea how much’$ profit

don’t vac pls

wasted alot of money, research points, and such others

What do you mean by “developed game”?

developed game means its ready to released to the public.


I didn’t understand the question which you asked in the forum. Please mention the clear question then we can give you a proper answer.