What the dev's could add to Game Dev Tycoon!

There are many things that the developers could add to Game Dev Tycoon, and many people tell them or ask them to implement the feature the suggest.
Here are some of the features people say :

  • Add mod support for people to easily add there own ideas to it.
  • Add more language support.
  • Allow the user to release their game on multiple consoles e.t.c.
  • Show percentages of each slider in the stages 1,2,3.
  • Allow the user to choose what their custom console is best for, e.g. Action,Rpg, Simulation.
  • Add a feature in where the user can choose with the want a starter game which means that the public chips in for the game and gets Alpha, Beta play.

Please discuss what you think of these game ideas and what other ideas should be implemented into Game Dev Tycoon.

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I think Greenheart Games will focus on what’s over here to focus on what they’ll add/change/etc :

Bryan is correct. But the majority of your ideas have been suggested many times so it is a favourite…but out of those, I think the most essential the game needs is mod support (Look at Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising…The game came out in 2009, and people are still supporting it with mods and that) and language support. The more variety in the game the better.

Crowdfunding wouldn’t be appropriate at the start of the game (hello, 80’s), but it’d be a good late-game addition.

Of course, by the time you get it, you really don’t need it… I guess that’s what we get for using our Deloreans to time travel back to the start of the gaming industry!

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Deskairm thats what im on about, sorry for not explaining what i meant my the crowd funding startup on a game.

So a type of Kickstarter would be an amazing idea.

What would be great is the ability to produce a game for a console after it’s announced, not after it’s released. Launch titles, you know. If not for the regular consoles, at least the custom console. It really doesn’t make sense for a game company to make their own console, but honorifically bar themselves from making any games for it at all until it’s available for sale (thus releasing a console with zero games).

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I’d like the possibility to create boxart you can view on display.
Kinda like GoG does with your game library.

Doesn’t have to be fancy, just various title fonts/styles, and genre specific backgrounds and Cliparts, so you can create your own game boxes.

Could be fun to watch later in game and go "Yeah…I started 50 years ago with “Star Patrol”

Akamadoushi & DarkcowboyDK they are really good ideas that should be implemented into the game, hopefully the game developers find a way to create something related to that because they may take your idea and their idea and put it together to work with each other to make the game fair.