What is your highest score in Game Dev Tycoon?


After 35 Year run I have done very well in my small 35 years and have amassed 79,604,602 points throughout the game.
All it took as a few 10 rated games to really kick stuff off for me.
What is your personal best at 35 years?


Not much, only 234,092,014 points and 23 perfect-scored games (and 1 perfect+0.25 scored game)


I’ve got 41 perfect games and still didn’t get too many points from it


I haz played 1 time, to see how to play GDT, it was 54k.


My second time was 63.100 score.


You said that u haz 64k


74 thousand for me :slight_smile:


73 thousand for now


I am not sure, I will edit this when I find a good save file, when I am home, I know I have never had a perfect game yet (that I recall) So nothing to brag about there


3 top hits in a short game :stuck_out_tongue:
second time tho, pretty good score i guess


my score is 64.100


No lies i did managed to get :smile:


I got 5 AAA Games (all large)
And Most Sales For :50M units
Name of my company :Bethesda
Game that reach 50M Units :Fallout Remastered
Custom Console :BetSole :joy:
Succesfull MMO :Elder Scrolls : Tamriel Online
And AAA team i trained 6 to reach 1k mastery at graphics and tech
Last treasury: 542.3M


My current high score for the 35 year run is 64,974,722; which I feel pretty proud of.


To the above user; how the hell do you get five triple AAA games out before the 35 years years? That score is crazy high and almost seems unbelievable to me; Not accusing you, as I keep replaying trying to rush things, but do you have any tips? Do you use a guide while playing?


I have no clue how much I have, not higher than 20 million or so though.