What If: Platforms was more simplistic


Just wanted to mess around with the Icons, so I have decided to use one of the icons and redrawn it more simplistic.

Not Bad I say.

I could make it into a mod if enough people are asking for it.

P.S. Of course, the Xbox 360 isn’t a PC.


It looks really cool, even though I don’t think a mod should update all built in consoles to update the images, I’d definitely love to see a mod that adds console with roughly drawn things like that one.


I’d personally like to see a bit more detail put in, but if that’s done I think it’d be really great.


Thats the entire point, its not that detailed, its basic, drawn, thats the cool part


I know it’s the point but when I said “Detail” I really meant about the fact that it looks like a rough sketch with not much thought put into it, if the lines were straight that would be better.


Hey, this looks really awesome.