What I would like to see in Game Dev Tycoon (if you have the time)

Hello, this is my first post on the forum and I just wanted to say some ideas I’ve had while playing the game.

More Research things: Some include, 2D 6-8, 3D 8-10, VR Support optimized, Dual Games (like two variants on the same game)

More Console Skins: Skins like the SNES or og Xbox, or making your own PC.

Bigger offices: 2 stages more, each including 1 more thing like the R&D lab and Hardware (maybe a Web Browser or specialized VR labs.)

Making a mobile console or phone, like the DS or something.

Controversial Games: Games that can get both a one and a ten, and instead of being labelled as a 5, it would be labelled with a C, and it would sell very well, however you could lose fans at the same time.

More Staff, maybe up to 8/10, so every specialty is able to be acquired.

Able to become a “AAA” Company, on the lines of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, which would make it so you would give your teams designs for games, and let them work it out themselves, so you can make multiple games/franchises at a time.

Crossover Games: Like a sequel, but you have to chose 2-10 games, which will boost the hype to incredible levels. If you make a sequel to a crossover game, you will have to have at least one more franchise in it.

AAA Contracts: Top amount would be 600 in either technology or design.

Buying IP’s: You could (for a steep price) buy an IP from almost any company. The smaller the company, the lower the price. So for example, you could buy, say, the Mega Man franchise for 800,000,000. Or you could buy Mario for Billions, I don’t know, I’m just a guy sitting at a computer, I’m not good at game development.

Giving out Publishing: Remember how at the beginning of your game, you used publishers to get medium games out? Yeah, now YOU are the one who are posting it. You can chose the audience, genre, size, console, or just let them chose it! You can also chose how much you want to give them, minimum is 11%, and you can go up to 100%.

Auctions: Like the buying IP’s, you can be invited to an auction, or invite other companies, and put up a bargain for the IP you want to buy.

Thank you for reading what I want, again, this is my first post, but I do want it to be seen. Also, tell me how bad my ideas were!


I agree with all of these! Let’s hope this is a next update or Game Dev Tycoon 2!

Wow, I genuinely wasn’t expecting anyone to see this! Thanks! :smiley:

All these ideas are really good, one other cool thing could be making remakes and remasters on games, before and after they’ve had sequels

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I really like the idea about the controversial games.

Hey these are great ideas but some mods have mod these changes as the DZgenghiskhan mod made so you can be the publisher, and buying ip’s is kinda what the. Competitor mod did.

Mobile can’t get mods, so only PC players would get to use those consoles in the mods

I just posted two things on a current suggestions thread: Make a menu in config to change some given strings. I saw that on a game called MobilePhoneTycoon2, where you can edit Lonevo, MacroSoft or Nakio back to anything, e.g. the actual names.

That said, I only can imagine GDT to use fake IP-names (suggestion in this thread), as they did for Playsystem or G3.

I think that would add greatly to emmersion.