What happened to Game Dev Tycoon Mobile?

So, some April Fools’ jokes go well, others not so well. The Game Dev Tycoon mobile announcement last year clearly fell into the latter category. We also learned that trying to parody sexism with overt sexism, only adds to the problem (it’s still sexism!). Something that should have been clear to me from the start.

Anyway, to prevent massive confusion from everyone, we ended up deleting the April Fools’ joke altogether. Still, rumors are hard to kill, so WHEN is Game Dev Tycoon Mobile coming out?

Two answers:

The freemium, coin-based gameplay idea taunted in our blog post will come out: NEVER!

I don't think that's a huge loss.

A normal port of GDT for mobile is not completely off the table but we are not working on it. Unfortunately the way we wrote GDT was really optimized for PCs and Windows tablets and trying to port it to iOS and Android has shown us that we would need to rewrite the game completely in order to get to an acceptable result. We rather spend our limited time focusing on our next games.

In general, we are open to the idea of teaming up with another company to do a potential mobile port. If you can show that you have what it takes to create a quality port of GDT for mobiles (preferably in Unity), then get in touch with us (email to support@greenheartgames.com). Just note that we are definitely not interested in creating a freemium version.

I agree.
We have Game Dev Story for mobiles.

And I still probably wouldn’t really play it on my phone if I have it on PC.
And I have 3 inch screen, so the buttons would be about 2/3 of my finger size :cry:

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I honestly don’t think its worth it. The mobile market is a bad market, the only company I like making Android games is Kairosoft who I absolutely adore. Too bad they’ve adopted the free-game thing lately, I do not like it :I


If they have to rebuild the game anyways to get it working on a tablet may be worth it to just build a similar much smaller game that is ad-supported if for nothing else than to advertise the pc game.

Hell no… Its not. The mobile gaming market is still a little kid… Take time and think again in the next 10 years. Linux and PC gaming lover

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Go to FB, search for the group Indie Game Develpers, and you will find 32.000 people interested in doing it :wink:

Though im also an Unity developer…but very early stage…

It is. To gain a substantial amount of profit from mobile markets, you have to have “Like us on Facebook for 50 gold!” in your game which is absolute rubbish. And yes, I do love Linux and PC gaming :slight_smile: I also love having a good casual game to relax on the bus with, but there’s only certain developers I like within the mobile world.

That, and micro-purchases. It’s sad that micro-purchasing is even getting into our AAA games (e.g. Dying Light). Curse you micro-purchasing!!

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Imagine paying for fuel in Need For Speed…

For real money.


I only love PC gaming , Windows, Mobile Games and Android.

Thats gonna make me a multi-gamer audience gasps very loud

Why use the big monster Unity? You can also use libgdx, which can be compiled to Desktop, Android and iOS.