What games are you most hyped for in 2016?

Here are the games I am hyped for:

  1. Horizon Zero Dawn
  2. No Man’s Sky
  3. Uncharted 4
  4. The Elder Scrolls 6 (if announced at E3)

All of which I will be getting.

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I’d give TES 6 some time first, I’m not convinced they announce it.

Yeah, I really hope they do though.

Same, of course. Skyrim is one of my favourite games (after Dark Souls and Fallout NV), but since Bethesda just finished F4, their E3 is probs just gonna be focused on Doom and Dishonored 2.

They don’t develop Doom or Dishonored 2, they publish it. Also TES6 may have been in the works all this time, but was getting developed gradually over these 5 years.

Yeah, I know they don’t develop them, but odds are good that they’ll be focusing on them as their upcoming titles, since they do publish them. I could be wrong though, cause I was saying all this about Fallout 4 last year.

Most of the new games are all repeating hardcore fps/survival/fantasy games. I’m only a little bit hyped for Outlast 2 and that’s all. Does anyone have suggestions for me? The only games I’m going to buy for the Steam Summer Sale are Civ 5, Space Engineers and (probably) Alien: Isolation.

Our current own project: TubeTube Tycoon…

5k unique visitors at the steam greenlight concept page and about 240 favorites…

Bro, do you have permission to use those thumbnails in the background picture? Could be a legal minefield if not.

Haha don’t worry, its not a problem :slight_smile:

well, nekopara 2 is out already…
All I’m waiting for is pretty much updates for Software Inc. and Mad Games Tycoon

They posted a new Beta update with customizable character faces :smiley:

  1. Tech Executive Tycoon
    and Half Life 3


ok so I have games I’m hyped for

I’m not hyped for anything
@haxor Nekopara Vol. 3

You should be.

“in 2016”

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Hey, but sorry there is a project already called that!: http://tubetycoongame.com/

Our concept page was released before there game, but me and Macej already talked :wink: there the game is now named Wetube :slight_smile: