What about Game #100?

Could anyone predict what the Greenheart Games game number 100 will be?

I assume that the level of technical progress at the time will be high enough to make a proper god simulator called World Dev Tycoon where you start with a hyper massive black hole ready to expand in a brand new universe which you need to develop into a shiny nice artwork to show on the Multiverse Exhibition of Infinity and win a free abonement for the next three eternities on something valuable to a god of your kind.

P.S.: the difficulty is to design the universe that way so occasionally (and intentionally) spawning sapient races won’t destroy their world in attempts to learn how it works.

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Rofl, and tbh by the time greenheartgames releases game 100 we will probably all be dead

Nope. by 2050 we’ll have a very intelligent singularity AI.
Don’t be so negative.