Version 1.4.5 for... 5 years?


I lost a laptop once… which means I lost a download link. But I finally found it!

Okay, so I’m looking at my downloads folder on my old Windows XP, Inspiron 1150. I haven’t seen this thing in ages. In list view, I can see that I downloaded the game at exactly 3:15 PM, on 2/23/2014. Good, this is progress. Now all I have to do is figure out the download link…
Luckily for me, Dell makes good machines, this one still runs, minus the internet (and it thinks that it’s 1:56 AM, Wednesday, February 18 of 2004? Okay, at least it runs; I may have understated the problems of this particular machine.)
So now I have to find the link in the history tab of Firefox. It’s a good thing that I’m an internet hoarder, and never throw away any of my links; It’s right there… hope it’s the right one. I haven’t accessed the file I just downloaded, but it says GameDevTycoon-1.6.11… What did I miss!? That’s a few updates, I think.

Well, wish me luck… maybe it might ever run!

I’ve been playing on version 1.4.5 for a long time. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s new. Also, I just copied that download link into a text file on my computer, because I’m a little paranoid. Next on the list: Can I get Simtower and Zoo Tycoon working on Windows 10, or am I gonna have to keep the Dell a little longer?