Venting Ideas Mobile/PC

So; Firstly I was thinking as a “Game Report” has been made by yourself or one of the staff surely you would still have the copy in the office, why not make it so when you click on the “Game History” tab you can choose the game you desire and the report opens or have 2 options for the final Reviews and Game Reports? Lastly would be nice to be able to customize the order of the game history to show me for example just vampire games or something like that, also it should say what engine is used.

Secondly; A couple additional ideas on possibly random events:

Birthdays and/or the option to give them a nice birthday bonus which gives them a temp boost in either a randomly chosen or a player chosen skill (Design,Technology, Research or Speed).

Significant moments in staffs outside lives; Weddings could give temp bonus’, Deaths in family could apply a temp penalty (Understand the game is all ages and this might not be good addition)

Either way LOVE the game have both PC and Mobile version!

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